Notice for different units

Unit A

Practical Exam of Fine Arts Faculty (23-10-2021)

1st Merit and 1st Waiting Notice (22 Departments) (22-10-2021)

1st Merit List (22 Departments and WQ) (22-10-2021)

1st Waiting List (22 Departments and WQ) (22-10-2021)

Practical Exam of Music Department (22-10-2021)

Practical Exam of Theatre Department (19-10-2021)

Seat Plan for Written Exam of English Department (18-10-2021)

Subject Choice Date Extension Notice (14-10-2021)

Admission Test Interview Schedule (14-10-2021)

Admission Test Result Notice (10-10-2021)

Interview List (10-10-2021)

Unit B

1st Interview Notice (Updated)(24-10-2021)

1st Interview List Commerce Group1Group2 (23-10-2021)

1st Interview List Science Group1Group2Group3 (23-10-2021)

1st Interview List Humanities Group1Group2Group3 (23-10-2021)

1st Interview List (WQ) (23-10-2021)


Updated Notice For Subject Choice (18-10-2021)
Attention (12-10-2021)

Admission Test Result Notice (12-10-2021)

Unit C

1st Selection Notice (Updated) (23-10-2021)

1st Selection and Waiting List Group1, Group2Group3Non-Science (23-10-2021)

1st Selection, Waiting Notice and List (Phys Ed & Sports Science) (Updated) (23-10-2021)

1st Selection, Waiting Notice and List (Ward Quota) (Updated) (23-10-2021)


Practical Exam of Physical Education & Sports Science (19-10-2021)

Admission Test Result Notice (10-10-2021)



(Date of submitting subject choice is over)







Admission Result

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