Notice for different units

General Notice

Small Ethnic Quota Reschedule Notice (22-11-2019)

Small Ethnic Quota Interview Notice (18-11-2019)

Small Ethnic Quota Interview List (18-11-2019)


Physically Disable Quota Interview Notice (18-11-2019)

Physically Disable Quota Interview List (18-11-2019)


Freedom Fighter Quota Interview Notice (16-11-2019)

Freedom Fighter Quota Interview List Day1 (16-11-2019)

Freedom Fighter Quota Interview List Day2 (16-11-2019)

Freedom Fighter Quota Interview List Day3 (16-11-2019)

Unit A

Third Selection and Migration Notice (06-12-2019)

Third Selection List (22 Departments) (06-12-2019)

Third Selection List (English) (06-12-2019)

Third Selection List (Fine Arts) (06-12-2019)

Third Selection List (Theatre) (06-12-2019)

Third Selection List (Music) (06-12-2019)

Second Migration List (22 Departments) (06-12-2019)

First Migration List (PDQ) (06-12-2019)


First Selection Notice (FFQ) (04-12-2019)

First Selection List (FFQ) (04-12-2019)

Waiting List (FFQ) (04-12-2019)


Second Selection and Migration Notice (02-12-2019)

Second Selection List (22 Departments) (02-12-2019)

Second Selection List (English) (02-12-2019)

Second Selection List (Fine Arts) (02-12-2019)

Second Selection List (Theatre) (02-12-2019)

Second Selection List (Music) (02-12-2019)

First Selection List (PDQ) (02-12-2019)

First Migration List (22 Departments) (02-12-2019)

First Migration List (Fine Arts) (02-12-2019)

First Migration List (WQ) (02-12-2019)



First Waiting List (22 Departments) (24-11-2019)

First Waiting List (Fine Arts) (24-11-2019)


First Selection Notice (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (22 Departments) (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (English) (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (Fine Arts) (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (Theatre) (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (Music) (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (Ward Quota) (24-11-2019)


Fine Arts Ward Quota Notice (20-11-2019)

Fine Arts Ward Quota List (20-11-2019)


English Written Result Notice (19-11-2019)

English Written Result List (19-11-2019)

Fine Arts Practical Result Notice (19-11-2019)

Fine Arts Practical Result List (19-11-2019)

Music Practical Result Notice (19-11-2019)

Music Practical Result List (19-11-2019)


Theatre Practical Result Notice (17-11-2019)

Theatre Practical Result List (17-11-2019)


Dakihl/Alim Subject Choice Notice (14-11-2019)

Dakihl/Alim Subject Choice List (14-11-2019)


Ward Quota Notice (13-11-2019)

Ward Quota List (14-11-2019)



English Written Examination List (11-11-2019)

English Written Examination Seat Plan (11-11-2019)

Fine Arts Practical Examination List (11-11-2019)

Fine Arts Practical Examination Seat Plan (11-11-2019)

Theatre Practical Examination List (11-11-2019)

Music Practical Examination List (11-11-2019)


Notice for Subject Choice (07-11-2019)

Unit B

First Selection Notice (PDQ, SEQ) (08-12-2019)

First Selection List (PDQ) (08-12-2019)

First Selection List (SEQ) (08-12-2019)


First Selection Notice (FFQ) (04-12-2019)

First Selection List (FFQ) (04-12-2019)

Second Selection Notice (WQ) (04-12-2019)

Second Selection List (WQ) (04-12-2019)


Second Selection Notice (03-12-2019)

Second Selection List (Commerce Group) (03-12-2019)

Second Selection List (Science Group) (03-12-2019)

Second Selection List (Humanities Group) (03-12-2019)


Ward Quota Selection Notice (25-11-2019)

Ward Quota Selection List (25-11-2019)


First Selection Notice (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (Commerce Group) (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (Science Group) (24-11-2019)

First Selection List (Humanities Group) (24-11-2019)


Ward Quota Notice and List (17-11-2019)


Notice for Subject Choice (05-11-2019)

Unit C

Third Selection and Transfer Notice (06-12-2019)

Third Selection and Transfer List Group 1 (06-12-2019)

Third Selection and Transfer List Group 2 (06-12-2019)

Third Selection and Transfer List Group 3 (06-12-2019)

Third Selection Notice and List for PESS (06-12-2019)

WQ Selection and Transfer Notice (06-12-2019)


FFQ Selection Notice and List (04-12-2019)


Second Selection and Transfer Notice (02-12-2019)

Second Selection and Transfer List Group 1 (02-12-2019)

Second Selection and Transfer List Group 2 (02-12-2019)

Second Selection and Transfer List Group 3 (02-12-2019)

Second Selection Notice and List for PESS (02-12-2019)

PDQ Selection Notice (02-12-2019)

WQ Selection and Transfer Notice (02-12-2019)


Ward Quota Selection Notice and List (24-11-2019)


First Selection Notice (23-11-2019)

First Selection List Group-1Group-2, Group-3 (23-11-2019)

First Selection Notice and List for PESS (23-11-2019)



Physical Education and Sports Science Notice (11-11-2019)

Ward Quota Notice (11-11-2019)


Notice for Subject Choice (06-11-2019)





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